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Hillary’s pneumonia

September 18, 2016

So what was all the excitement about?  Shame, shame, she did not let the media know immediately when her doctor informed her that  she had a mild case of bacterial pneumonia.  And who thought this was so terrible?  Why, the MEDIA of course!

And what was the context that the media so feverishly crafted, days and even weeks before?  Over and over again coverage was given to Trump’s ridiculous attempts to paint a picture of Hillary with “one foot on a banana peel, and the other headed toward her grave.”  Yes, the media felt that it was appropriate to report Trump’s (and Fox news’s) repeated efforts to convince the public that Hillary Clinton was in poor health.

The media reported on this over and over again, somewhat extensively.  Even Rachel Maddow did a deep backgrounder identifying all of the persons who had fainted while Presidents and candidates spoke, and also all of the times that Presidents had become ill, or fainted.  What was missing from all of the reporting was any categorical denial that the reports on Hillary’s health had any basis in fact.

And so the Sunday of missteps came–and along with it the somewhat faltering response of the Clinton campaign.  She was overheated, and then, later in the day, disclosure of the diagnosis of pneumonia.  But did Hillary Clinton have any obligation to report this diagnosis before that Sunday?

Recognize that there are two types of people: those who deal with their illnesses and other things by sharing with the world, and those who prefer to mull over their illnesses in the privacy of their own mind.  After all of the charges, countercharges, accusations, speculations, etc. etc, that Hillary has  had to absorb over her public life, including recent speculations about her health, maybe this was one circumstance that she wished to cope with as a private citizen.

A final thought–women may be more inclined to deal with issues of personal health in the privacy of their thoughts than men.  Could it be that the charge that she failed to inform the media of her pneumonia diagnosis is just another example of the anti-feminine bias on the part of the media?  If so, once again, the media were playing right into Mr. Trump’s hands. Is that what they are being paid to do?